Toronto Women in Music: Volume 5

Toronto Women in Music

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I featured some amazing new tunes from Toronto Women in Music! If you are new to my blog, welcome! Satisfy Her Soul is a lifestyle, empowerment and inspiration blog, and because I am a part-time musician, I often sneak in music posts, here and there.

I love hearing the new works of fellow female artists in the Greater Toronto Area! I have gotten into the habit of reaching out a few times a year and having a little listening session to add new tunes to my playlists.

Here are a few of my (many) favourites from the submissions I got this time around! Please give these amazing songs a listen, and feel free to follow their artist socials, save them to your playlists, and share the music with your friends! 🙂

 Toronto Women in Music – Volume 5

Angela Saini – Black Sheep

I have been a fan of Angela’s music and amazing music business skills for quite some time. Her newest album “Hope on the Stereo” was released just over a week ago and after giving it a listen, I have decided that “Black Sheep” and “Handrail” are my two favourites. I decided to feature “Black Sheep” in this post because Satisfy Her Soul is primarily focused around empowerment, and this song embodies such a positive message. If you are looking for an inspiring song that will put you in a great mood, “Black Sheep” is perfect! I can’t wait to blast it in the car with the windows down this summer.

Toronto Women in Music

Lydia Persaud – More of Me

This musician blows me away! The first time I heard Lydia was her song “Turning In” and it filled me with so much emotion- not to mention her musicianship was just – WOW. So when I heard that Lydia released her first single “More of Me” off her upcoming release, I knew it was going to be a good one. “More of Me” is a bit bluesy, full of soul and has an old-school rock kind of vibe. The electric guitar solo in the bridge gives me life. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album!

Toronto Women in Music

Michelle Thibodeau – Easy Target

Shameless self-promotion here – “Easy Target” is the first single off of my newest album! It is a dancey, pop track with some sass, and the music video was made to match. This song really represents my new direction: a little less folky/young sounding, and a little more pop/mature.  If you like this track, definitely check out the rest of my album at!Toronto Women in Music

Malak Sound – Hard Pill

“Hard Pill” begins with a sweet, yet powerful voice in the verse. Then, the chorus hits and the vocals and beat become much more dark, moody and haunting. The versatility in this song was such a pleasant surprise. “Hard Pill” balances perfectly between indie & mainstream and has both electronic and acoustic influences. It reminds me a little bit of an edgier version of “Extraterrestrial” by Katy Perry. I really dig this track! Definitely worth watching the music video as well.

Toronto Women in Music

Tessa – Honesty

Tessa’s “Honesty” has a super cool late 70’s disco vibe, like Donna Summer – Bad Girls era.  I could see myself with a glass of wine hanging out with my girls blasting this song, dancing and singing “he’s not who you thought he was.” It might even warrant some Michael Jackson dance moves. It’s a pretty groovy song that you should definitely give a listen. This is a great bop for 2019!

Toronto Women in Music


I hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I did, it definitely reminded me why I love the Toronto Women in Music series so much!

Make sure to reach out to these lovely ladies and show your support if you loved their songs! Follow their social media, and add their tunes to your playlists.

If you are itching for more amazing Toronto musicians, please feel free to check out the previous posts from this series:

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