Boss Lady Buzz: Artist Emilia Becker

Emilia Becker

If you happened to see my recent post Becoming A Beginner Artist in 2019, you will know that I have recently dove head-first into the art community, and I have been loving it. One of my favourite places to go online to be inspired is Instagram! Of all the art Instagram accounts I follow, fellow Canadian, Emilia Becker’s account is among my favourites. In addition to her creative, bright and beautiful artwork, I love that her personality shines through in her posts, and I knew I wanted to learn more about her. Emilia was kind enough to agree to being interviewed for my Boss Lady Buzz series and I can’t wait to share her story with all of you!

Boss Lady Buzz : Artist Emilia Becker

emilia becker

Emilia Becker is a 24 year old artist from Regina, Saskatchewan. She is currently finishing her bachelor of arts degree at the University of Regina, where she is studying Sociology. Emilia has worked many part-time jobs during her degree, but her favourite is as a self-employed artist.

Growing up, Emilia always took an interest in arts, crafts and photography. In summer 2017, she became more serious about her painting, and soon after, she began receiving requests for commissions. Emilia has created commissions of people’s houses, landscapes, pets and people.

“It officially felt like a job when I began making as much money painting as I did with my part-time job. One semester, I paid for my tuition using only scholarships and art money!” – Emilia Becker


Although acrylic paint is Emilia’s main medium, she loves combining methods and changing it up from time to time. She tries not to use mediums with toxic chemicals, such as oil paints, as she shares her space with her dog and bearded dragon. Emilia does not have a favourite brand to work with, as she believes both cheap & expensive materials have their own valuable uses.

“I LOVE using Sharpies on thin layers of paint to create illustrations with bold lines and messy colours.” – Emilia Becker


Emilia draws inspiration from many places, including other local makers at craft shows, and her friends, family and social media followers.

“It’s really rewarding and uplifting to realize how much my art can influence someone.” – Emilia Becker

Some of Emilia’s favourite artists include Bob Ross for his amazing attitude, Brooke Cormier as a fellow young Canadian artist, Indigo Impressions (Briana Cole) because she shares her process and shows others that everyone can create, love and share art, and MessyEverAfter (Mea Kelly Marie) for her incredible personality that shines through her artwork and social media. Another local maker that Emilia admires is Wallflower Designs (Nicole Wall) for her dedication to sustainability, kindness and community over competition, in addition to her “beautiful and unique creations.”

“My art is all about optimism, love, and comfort. I know life can be difficult, but it’s what we do with the challenges that help us grow into beautiful human “beans”. Therefore, I like creating paintings that acknowledge life’s hardships with a nod, and move along with grit and happiness.” – Emilia Becker


One of Emilia’s main goals for this year is to create some really big paintings, as her favourite size canvas to work on in the past has been 4×4″. * PS: As a follower of her art accounts, I can verify that she has been doing an excellent job at crushing this goal!

Emilia’s advice to those wishing to begin an art career:

“I would tell them to do a little bit every day. That’s honestly the only thing I could suggest because I believe everyone’s journey is different! You don’t even have to share your art with others. It doesn’t have to be “good”, it doesn’t have to have a purpose, it doesn’t have to sell. Eventually, those are goals you can aim for and achieve, but I think the best work comes from enjoying the process. The rest will follow.”

“Another one of my favourite artists, Jess Swan in Australia, said in a post once that there’s no education like experience. You can take classes, watch videos, and listen to others, but really the best way to learn such a tangible thing as art, is to do it yourself. Play, have fun with it, explore! That’s the best way to learn! ”


Just for fun – Emilia’s favourites:

Movie: The Princess Bride

TV Show: The Office

Books: Anything by Shannon Hale

Click here for links to Emilia’s Instagram, Facebook, Etsy & Redbubble accounts.

Thank you Emilia for taking the time to share your thoughts and artwork with Satisfy Her Soul readers here on Boss Lady Buzz! I look forward to following and supporting your art for years to come!

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