You Don’t Have To Choose

don't have to choose

Growing up, I was always an extremely busy child, who wanted to be involved in everything. Gymnastics, hockey, baseball, swimming – (I’m still a terrible swimmer), dance, various music lessons, after school programs like drama, choir and track & field, and – Get This – I even asked my teachers for extra homework. So, I think it’s safe to say I have always spread myself a little too thin, but I’ve always enjoyed it.  I also asked my parents to put me in figure skating, horseback riding – you name it, I wanted to try it. Of course, there is only so much time in a day, and only so much money to go around (especially with my brother being equally active). So, it makes total sense that my parents told me I have to choose which activities I wanted to do most. PS – Thanks Mom & Dad-I am so grateful.

So, active childhood of choices aside, I graduated high school and was then faced with a new choice. I had to choose whether I wanted to pursue a career in musical theatre, singer-songwriter, or classical music. I was told I have to choose, because people said it’s impossible to get anywhere when you are torn between different directions. *Thank you Kristin Chenoweth for doing it all and giving me hope*

All the while, within my songwriting, I was writing songs in many different genres, and then I was told I have to choose one, because singers who don’t have a “defined style” won’t get very far.

As I’ve entered my twenties, I have been experimenting with the different facets of creativity. My focus has been split between music (of all sorts), theatre, blogging and visual art. I love them all so much. They bring me such joy every single day.

When I started my blog, I was told if I didn’t choose a distinctive niche, my blog would not be successful. (If you have read my other posts- you can probably tell I never chose a very specific niche- lol). I hope you don’t mind.

you don't have to chooseWithin visual art, I have read that you have to choose between digital and traditional art in order to establish yourself as an artist, so people know what to expect from you. But I love creating all types of art!

All that being said, although I respect that advice, I don’t believe I have to choose between anything in terms of what I am pursuing. And I don’t want to choose.

I truly believe that everyone should do what makes them happy, what makes their soul shine, as long as they possibly can. Even if what makes you happy changes from week to week, or year to year. That’s okay! Don’t box yourself into one thing (unless you want to – or have to).

Pursuing other avenues does not mean that I am giving up on anything else I’ve been pursuing. I’m just a very all-over-the-place kind of girl who likes to learn and grow and try new things all the time and I’ve decided I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

The most important thing, I think, if you maintain multiple outlets like me, is to schedule your time effectively and productively. To-do lists are my best friend, and I try my best to keep up with all my different passions. Unless I don’t want to – in which case I don’t lol.

Of course, I always keep commitments I have made to others, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. However, when it comes to my freelancing and my own pursuits, I’m just kind of winging it, doing whatever makes me happy. And that’s okay with me.

I want to know, have you ever been told you have to choose? If you wish, share your experience with me in the comments below. I would truly love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

And if you, too, are being told this, over and over, let me be the person who says maybe you don’t have to choose. Why not do it all? Why not try something new?

Love, Satisfy Her Soul xo

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