Boss Lady Buzz: Brittney Toner – Weddings Atlantic

Brittney Toner Weddings Atlantic

brittney tonerAs you can see from this picture, I’ve known Brittney Toner literally since I was born (thanks for the garland crown, Britt! hehe). Her and her sister, Ashley, are like family to me and I’ve always looked up to them; They are both amazing individuals. It’s been 25 years since this picture, and Brittney is now a successful and inspiring entrepreneur – the Founder and Editor in Chief of Weddings Atlantic, and the Business Owner of Panoramic Events Inc. A perfect fit for a Boss Lady Buzz interview!

Before I get into her fabulous businesses, let me give you a little history on Mrs. Brittney Toner!

Brittney Toner

Brittney was proudly born and raised in Moncton, NB. After graduating high school, Brittney attended Acadia University, where she says she learned so many valuable lessons. While in university, Brittney had her first entrepreneurial experience when she opened her own ice cream shop called “What’s the Scoop”!

Shortly after graduating Acadia, Brittney fearlessly moved to South Korea, to teach English abroad for one year. Brittney “loved every second of it!”

She highly recommends traveling after university:


It’s liberating, and you learn so much about yourself and the world around you.

When Brittney returned to New Brunswick from South Korea, she moved to Woodstock NB to be with her boyfriend (who is now her husband, and the father of her two beautiful children.) At this time, she went back to school at NBCC and graduated from the Early Childhood Education program. Upon graduating, the college reached out to Brittney and offered her a job as the Student Life Coordinator, which she gladly accepted. While loving this job at NBCC, Brittney took the opportunity to continue her studies and thus took the college’s Event Management program online.

We haven’t even gotten to her businesses yet, but her dedication to learning, growing and bettering herself is already exceptionally inspiring!

Panoramic Events Inc, Weddings New Brunswick & Weddings Atlantic

Not long after finishing the Events Management course, Brittney started her own weddings and events business, called Panoramic Events Inc. It didn’t take long for Brittney to see that there was a gap in the industry when it came to wedding resources in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. After recognizing this need, Brittney took it upon herself to become the Editor in Chief of Weddings New Brunswick, which has now expanded to Weddings Atlantic!

Brittney Toner Weddings Atlantic

Weddings Atlantic is an online & printed magazine that was “created to be the ultimate ‘go-to’ guide for Brides and Grooms planning their weddings.”

Weddings Atlantic’s mission is to showcase high quality, local talent and services as we share the love stories of Atlantic Canada.

Brittney’s next big goal for her company is to create an “App” for the Atlantic wedding industry. She is also planning to create the little sister magazine “Prom Atlantic“. Someday, Brittney hopes to host a Weddings Atlantic Awards Night! (No doubt in my mind that she will accomplish all of these goals!)

So, how did Brittney do it? Boss Lady Buzz Secrets:

Brittney Toner - Weddings Atlantic

When asked how how she did it, her answer was:

Taking the steps to make it happen. It’s really that easy. If you want something – get your feet moving and do it. Ask questions, do research, take the leap! It’s so worth it!

Brittney says there are many perks, as well as challenges of being your own boss:

As a working Mom, I don’t miss any event happening in my child’s life. That is the biggest perk a mother could have. Challenges include paying the bills, chasing the money, I don’t have a business degree, so a lot of self-education happens in workshops and online courses.

Brittney’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Do NOT give up. There will be obstacles, but there are resources. Try not to be so set in stone with an idea, that you don’t let it evolve how it should. It might not be exactly what you sought out to do, but it will be exactly what it was meant to become. Enjoy all of the learning curves, you are going to learn so much about yourself and how you handle situations- reach out for help when you need to. Join groups on Facebook or in your area. REACH OUT!

My favourite part of Brittney’s interview, was her advice that when looking at your team, you should always have at least one dreamer, and one realist. For Brittney, she is the dreamer, and her Creative Director is the realist. She says that all of her team members have different skills and knowledge to lend, which makes for a great team!

Would you be the dreamer or the realist on your team? I would definitely be the dreamer, just like Brittney!

Brittney and her team at Weddings Atlantic are working really hard to send issue 2 to print! Keep an eye out for the magazine on newsstands in August!

To keep up with Weddings Atlantic, and to hear all of the adorable, humorous and interesting articles about weddings, engagements, and more, follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and check out the Weddings Atlantic website!

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