Satisfy Her Soul was created by Michelle Thibodeau, a Singer-Songwriter from New Brunswick, Canada, now based in Toronto.

In scrolling through her Social Media Feeds on her personal Twitter and Facebook, Michelle realized just how much negativity was being shared on these platforms.

To combat this, she decided to create Satisfy Her Soul, a brand that would spread positivity, inspiration and empowerment vibes, all geared towards Women.

There is an infinite number of incredible, motivational women in this world, some of whom Michelle has had the pleasure of getting to know. Satisfy Her Soul will be a place to tell their inspiring stories, as well as a place to share lifestyle and wellness advice and anything else that will hopefully bring light to your day.

A personal message from Michelle: 

If you ever need someone to help motivate you, hear your ideas or even just someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the “Contact” section. My ultimate goal is to make Satisfy Her Soul a safe space for anyone who needs it, and I am always happy to help, or find someone who can. Much love and light!