Swiss Zopf Bread Recipe

Here in Toronto, I have been fortunate enough to have lived with a few different amazing roommates. Each of these ladies have shared with me a few of their own traditions, passed down from their families and their cultures. My roommate Ursina’s parents are from Switzerland, which means that we often have delicious Swiss chocolate, […]

Holiday Cookie Martinis

The holidays are here and who doesn’t love a nice festive drink? Some of my favourites are hot chocolate, eggnog, mulled wine and hot apple cider! That being said, the other night I was craving something even more sweet and decadent. I decided to make some Holiday Cookie Martinis! Below, you will find the recipes […]

Omelette Breakfast Bowls

Omelette Breakfast Bowls are one of my favourite ways to start the day (after coffee, of course). They aren’t too difficult to make, are fairly healthy and way more exciting than your standard omelette. If you have never had these before, I thought I would share with you the steps to make this delicious breakfast! […]