5 New Things I Do (Now That I Work at a Health Store)

Learn about a few of the new things I do after I began my journey working at the health store in the supplements department!


4 Dimensions of Consciousness

I have always been intrigued by learning about the different dimensions and trying to further comprehend our levels of consciousness. When researching it online, it is a very complex idea to wrap your head around, unless you piece together multiple sources in a way that becomes understandable to you. Since I have spent quite aContinue reading “4 Dimensions of Consciousness”

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

My boyfriend (David) and I have been surviving a long distance relationship for the last year and a half. Of course, it hasn’t been easy and I would love to see him more frequently, but we make do with the situation. In my opinion, our relationship is absolutely worth more than just giving up becauseContinue reading “Surviving a Long Distance Relationship”